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👑 Welcome to KMC trading and Investment platform, a project sponsored by Kas Megatop Company👑.
KMC has given us a System to Save Money and Earning Profits just like Fixed Deposit. You save money and make good returns of upto 23.5% monthly for a period of six months.This is Awesome!

We help you to gain financial freedom from debt and to achieve financial stability.
You can’t Refer! You can’t Network! Yes,
Now you can make money to execute your dream projects without Network or referring people, your money work for you and make more money.

We have 3 packages which you can choose between: Standard Package,Islamic Package, and Agent/Premium Package.

For all the Packages, there will be 10% tax and Insurance charges removal on every investment Capital.


Standard Plan gives you up to  23.5% monthly profit for a period of six(6) months after activation of account(Capital Included). For example, if you Invest ₦1m you earn ₦235,000 monthly for six months.

✔Minimum Investment: ₦100,000

✔Maximum Investment: ₦5,000,000

✔Profit: 23.5% monthly(Capital Inclusive).

✔Duration: 6 Months

Payment is monthly after activation.

NOTE: Payment less than ₦5,000 attracts N100 transaction fee.

Generous Commission Structure.



2.  Islamic Package

This is Riba FREE Package.What Is Riba?
Riba is a concept in Islamic banking that refers to and forbids the charging of interest.

To earn money without the use of charging interest, We use equity participation systems. Equity participation means if you loans money to do business, we pay back the loan without interest, but instead gives you 60% share of the profits made. If the business defaults or does not earn a profit, then you also does not benefit.

Minimum Investment: ₦100,000

Maximum Investment: ₦5,000,000

NOTE: Payment is every months




Premium Package gives access to many opportunities like Referral Bonus. The maximum Investment period for  this package is 6 months after which you can reactivate your investment for another 3 or 6 months depending on your choice.
Activation Fee: ₦10,000(After the first six months of investment)
Profit: 10% Monthly(You get your Trading Capital back a month after expiration date.)
Duration: 6 Months
Minimum Investment: ₦100,000
Maximum Investment: ₦5,000,000
Referral Bonus: 4%
Admin Charges: Nil
For example, If you Invested ₦1million,₦100,000 will go for insurance and remaining ₦900,000 will be for trading/investment. You earn ₦90,000 monthly (i.e. 10% of the trading capital of ₦900,000) and get your ₦900,000.00 after 6 months.
NOTE: Payment is monthly and Referral Bonus is payable a week after activation of the investment package.
NOTE: Payment less than ₦5,000 attracts N100 transaction fee.




The company shall exhibit highest ethical standard governing handling of funds of this magnitude. However, if the investment runs into a bad weather, their investor will allow the company a time of not less than a year to pay their initial deposit. The company is into Business of Capital Trade Point, Corporate Investment Services, Agriculture, Produce Merchants, Individual Investment Services, Hire Purchase, Advise Investment in Share, Treasury Bill, Bonds, Security Services etc.

An investor who wishes to terminate his investment will give us prior notice. He will not receive ROI/dividend again during that time. However, he would get his capital after 60 calendar days (5% Charges will be deducted).

There is no referral bonus. We deal directly with our clients. It is not a Network Business or Ponzi Scheme. However, we give room for Agents. We have Individual Agents and Corporate Agents. Below are the steps for the processing:
  • A Non-Refundable fee of N 10 000 (Ten Thousand Naira) shall be obtained for a normal start up agency registration which is renewable every year.
  • A Non-Refundable fee of N 30 000 (Thirty Thousand Naira) shall be obtained for a start-up agency registration as a Corporate Entity also renewable every year.
  • Any corporate organisation wishing to patronise the agency product shall submit a company profile before any approval.
  • The agency form shall be processed in 10 (ten working days) and an agent code attached to the subscriber before eligibility to access any commission.
  • The company reserves the right to disqualify any inactive or redundant agent within a full month of registration.
  • A standard commission of  4% and 5% shall be paid on each referred unit once on new Investor for Individual and Corporate Agents respectively.
  • All approved agents shall attend stipulated meeting whenever the need arises.
  • All Agents should write their codes on the form of their referred agents or else he forfeit his commission.
The company reserves the right to modify these procedural guidelines.
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