The Power of N10,000

Attention: This page was specifically designed for those who want to genuinely earn a recurring daily income through the PREMIUM SUCCESS PACE LTD(PSP) Business Model.

” How 27 Year Old Pretty Girl Got a Brand New  Car, Over 7 Laptops and Earns N450,000 Monthly With a One Time Donation Of N30,000


And how you can leverage on our auto-pilot system to acheive similar results, if you get onboard today!

Read On To Discover How You Can Replicate Her Success To Make Your Finances and Life Better This year Better”

We Need Just 10 Serious, Business Minded People Who Are Committed Building A Long Term & Sustainable Recurring Income Plus Incentives By Leveraging On A Legitimate Company (Premium Success Pace) Registered With The Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (RC1450308).

If you are looking for a ” Get Rich Quick Scheme”, then this business is not for you, kindly EXIT this page!

Benefits Of Joining This Business:

a. Get a Brand New Phone

b. Get A Brand New Laptop

c. Get Plasma TV

d. Get Brand New Car(s)

e. Skill Empowerment Program Plus You’d Get My FREELANCING Course that Shows You How to Make Over $500 Monthly and a 1 Paged Sales Website like this for FREE when you join this business today.

f. Housing Support

g. Free Business Fund to your dream business.

h. Free Travels and Make More Money

Eligibility For Participation:

i. You Must Be Willing To Invest At Least N10,000 (we usually recommend 3 accounts that’s N30,000 for a start)

ii. You Must Be Willing To Follow Simple Instructions

iii. You Must Be Hardworking

iv. You Must Have a ” Can Do ” Attitude

Do You Think You Can Do This?


If you have all it takes to join us in this business, then ” Welcome Aboard”, you are amongst the Lucky 10 to get a brand new Car this 2019 just like Deborah.

This page is only up for 24 hours, We’ve Got 2 People Indicate Interest, Only 3 People Left Before The Timer HITS Zero…


To Join Us Now, Send your Best Email, Name and Phone Number Below To Know If You Are Qualified

Start Your Own Life

This Is Huge! This Is Big! This Is Real!

You Don’t Need Bank Loans Ever Again! Generate Capital To Finance You.      “Kas Megatop Company is designed to help you achieve your financial goals..”

It’s My Pleasure To Introduce To You The First Of It’s Kind Global Initiative Program Helping Thousands Of People Raise Enough Capital For Their Financial Needs!



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When You Subtract Out Your Sleeping Time, Commuting Time, Working Time, And Time For Things You Have To Do Each And Everyday Of Your Life, Most People Don’t Have More Than 1 Or 2 Hours Each Day To Do What They Really Like To Do – And Then, Would They Have The MONEY To Do It?

Do You Have A Plan To Start Up A Business?
Do You Have A Business That Needs Money To Expand ?
Do You Need To Raise Money To Pay Your Children’s School Fees? Pay Your House Rent? Settle Your Debts ?
Do You Have A Smart Project That Needs Funding ? We Are Here To Help You Solve Your Cash Flow Problems

Since 2016, The Business Expertise of the Kas Megatop Company (KMC) Has Been Helping Thousands Of People Raise Enough Capital To Build Or Expand Their Businesses And For Other Financial Projects/Needs Through A Mentorship Program! We Don’t Just Help You Raise The Money, We Mentor You To Ensure Your Business Becomes A Reality.

​Do You Have A Dream?

Do You Have A Fantastic Business Idea?

Do You Have An Existing Business?

Do You Want To Expand An Existing BUSINESS Or PROJECT?

Do You Want To Impact Humanity But Lack The Capital To Finance It?

Hurray There’s Good News!

You Don’t Need To Take A Loan From The Bank Anymore!!

You Can Raise Between N500,000 To N15 Million To Finance Your Projects Or Business.

You DON’T Need To Take A LOAN, Drop COLLATERAL Or Pay INTERESTS And The Best Part

Is You DON’T Have To PAY BACK The Money!!!

Join The SYOL Campaign

“Is your goal for 2019 to Own Your Own Car Or House?…”

I worked for 15 years as a barrister in a law firm, but could barely afford to meet my basic needs. I joined the Start Your Own Life Campaign and in 2 years, there has been a total transformation in my life, business and finances. I was able to get this for myself.

    Barrister Sharon! 


“She Set Up Her Poultry Farm!”

I Had Passion For Poultry Farming And Wanted To Set Up My Poultry Farm But Lacked The Funds To Do So. I Joined The Start Your Own Life Campaign And In 4-5 Months I Was Able To Raise All The Funds I Needed To Set Up My Poultry Farm.

Mrs. Deborah


“House Warming Testimony!”

Thanks To The SYOL Campaign, I Have Been Able To Erect This Structure For My Family.

MR Vin

House Testimony

“All Debts Settled…”

In About 8 Months, I Was Able To Get To Raise Over 2 Million Naira. Thanks To The SYOL Campaign, I Have Been Able To Establish Myself In Business.


Mr Salaudeen


The Campaign Is Powered by Kas Megatop Company (KMC) A Non Governmental Initiative That Has Been Set Up To Empower People To Solve Their Income And Cash Flow Problems


Open For You

We’re Here.

Phones: +234(0)708 318 0716

               +234(0)803 466 2007


And Finally, Just Before You Sign Out, Listen To Robert Kiyoski

Joining Rate

We Are Focused On Understanding The Obstacles That Inhibit People, Governments, International Organizations And Non-Governmental Organizations From Realizing Their Development Goals And Providing Conceptual Approaches To Help Attain Their Vision.


Stage of Growth in PSP


In order to enjoy the services and attain financial freedom, you are required to fulfill JUST two conditions: One, be a registered member by paying N10,000. Two, refer JUST 2 persons to join.

The 1st Stage in the growth process. You become a Member upon the payment of N10,000. It is a 2-by-3 matrix level. That is, 2 persons across and 3 levels down.

You become a Bronze Member when you have 14 other Members under you. The benefits here are the Referral, Pairing and Stage Completion Bonuses.

If the 14 persons were referred by you, there will be N28,000 as Referral Bonus paid to you instantly. That is, N2,000 x 14 = N28,000. Additional N14,000 will be earned as Pairing Bonus. While N2,000 earned as Board Completion Bonus will be paid for completing Stage 1. These give a total bonus of N44,000. The implication is that you registered with N10,000 and you earned N44,000.

If you referred nobody and Spill Over gave the 14 persons under you, you will earn only the Pairing and Stage Completion Bonuses. The total of these is N16,000.

If you referred only 2, then the total money you will make is N20,000.

Additional Benefits: As a registered member, you have opportunity to participate in our FREE Skill Acquisition


The 2nd Stage in the growth process. It requires 30 other Bronze Members under you for it to be complete. It is a 2-by-4 matrix level. That is, 2 persons across and 4 levels down.

You become a Silver Member once you have 30 Bronze Members under you. A Bronze Member can still earn Referral Bonus if he or she referred anyone even while at this stage. Pairing Bonus is N2,500. This will give a total of N37,500 earned as Pairing Bonus at this stage. Stage Completion Bonus is N5,000.

The member is entitled to a Phone worth N70,000+ 1 free registration.

The 3rd Stage in the growth process. It requires 30 other Silver Members under you for it to be complete. It is a 2-by-4 matrix level. That is 2 persons across and 4 levels down.

You become a Gold Member once you have 30 Silver Members under you.

Besides Referral Bonus, the member is entitled to the following:

    • Laptop– N100,000

    • Scholarship Fund (Phase 1) – N360,000 + 4 free registrations


    • Executive Car – N3m

In addition to all these, the member will earn:
– N75,000 as Pairing Bonus.
– N10,000 as Stage Completion Bonus
– Matching Bonus of N5,000 each for every member you referred who completes Stage 2.
There will be distribution of educational materials worth N1m in your name to any school of your choice.

At the completion of the stage, you are entitled to health insurance cover under the National Health Insurance Scheme for a period of 10 years. Additional educational support grant of N80,000 is given every year to the first 10 students/corps members to have completed Stage 3 till they complete their studies or service year.

The 4th Stage in the growth process. It requires 14 other Gold Members under you for it to be complete. It is a 2-by-4 matrix level. That is 2 persons across and 4 levels down.

You become a Board of Trustee Member once have 14 Gold Members under you.

Besides the Referral Bonus, the member is entitled to the following:

    • Plasma TV – N150,000 + 5 free registrations

    • Scholarship Fund (Phase II) – N1m


    • Project Facility Fund – N2m

    • Jeep – N5m

In addition to all these, the member will earn:
– N150,000 as Pairing Bonus.
– N20,000 as Stage Completion Bonus
– Matching Bonus of N10,000 each for every member you referred who completes Stage 3.

There will be distribution of educational and health support materials worth N1m each in your name to any school and hospital of your choice.


Once you complete Stage 4, you automatically become a member of the Board of Trustee.

Besides the Referral Bonus, a Board of Trustee member is entitled to the following:
– Refund of the N10,000 registration fee.
– Matching Bonus of N20,000 each on every member you signed up who finished Stage 4.
– Enjoy global profit share annually
– Automatic yearly qualification to attend AGM
– PSP Cancer Awareness and Health Support Programmes in your name
– Opportunity for an executive educational programme on Entrepreneurship worth N1.5m


Financial Success 102

Financial Success is very crucial aspect of life. Today, we continue from Challenges exist in the network marketing industry. Though, these challenges are avoidable but they crept on as a result of lack of understanding of the system, mindset of the players and some systemic errors. Some of which are:

1. Stunted growth in the matrixes because of the inordinate ambitions of players to want to use it as a vehicle to amass wealth overnight at the detriment of fellow team members.

2. Lack of accountability and integrity – a major factor that has seen to the extinction of hitherto known network marketing systems.

Read Also:Financial Success 101

3. Few persons at the top making most of the money. Since network marketing system derives its residual income from team work, it behoves on a very good system that there should not be sharp differences in the earnings of Mr A and Mr B even when Mr B is directly sponsored and directly placed under Mr A. How can this be possible? Find out from the PSP system.

4. Systems not complying with the legal requirements of the countries they operate in.

5. Ill designed and difficult to achieve Compensation Plans. So many people taking advantage of network marketing systems don’t know this. They rush and they rush out.

The beautiful thing about PSP is that all of these highlighted challenges and more have been taken care of. That is why we are the toast of those investing in the network marketing industry today and forever we will be.

I Want To Help You Grow Your Business

One of the reasons I love using auto trading software to build my own business is that I have instant access to making money daily without stress and also help people who are already struggling to get people into their business.

Note, this trading software is designed in a way it’s very simple to use regardless of your educational background.
How It Works

It’s very simple, just follow the instructions below
1. Buy the software.
2. Register
3. Deposit Trading Fund

Our software is program at 2% daily depends on your trading fund. The renewal of trading fund is after 90 days.

For example, if you deposit N1 million, It will give you N20,000 every day for 90 days: N20,000 x 90 =N1,800,000. This is a profit of N800,000 in just 90 days.


Do you know you have added advantage if you decide to be our agent in your country? Register as agent at same N10,000 and get FREE software. Note limited spots available for this great offer.


What if you had a list of people you could help out to, right now, to let them know that they can generate their customized software to drive traffic for your business?

As an agent you have access to 20% sales bonus and more Benefits like free Laptop, iPad, Brand New Car etc.

That is the power of money generating.

Someone once told me, “Getting your own Software is like building your own personal ATM machine.”

All we have to do, once you registered, we send you a code for the Auto-trading Software.

Imagine how your business could grow with the power of our Auto-trading Software.

I want to invite you to get started with us, today, for a discount promo price of just $30/N10,000
Feel free to ask any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Your comment will be highly appreciated.

Financial Success 101


The chief reason is the creation of residual income. Income that does not entirely depend on your effort; yet under your control. You’re the true masterpiece of your life. You can write the history of your life chapter by chapter through network marketing.

Network marketing is a leveraging platform that the rich has always capitalized on and they get richer. Little wonder, therefore, that some select few can and will always make hundreds of millions in various currencies in a year. Whereas, a larger number will make about just a million within the same year. Financial information is the doorway. Network marketing is the key to unlock that.

Have you ever wondered 24 hours is not always enough. Yet, despite the time insufficiency, there are people that earn money round the clock. If you can’t earn money while you sleep, the tendency to be financially free may not arise.

It’s network marketing perfect? No! Nothing is perfect. But it’s better than most sources of income for a great number of people. It creates two powerful scenarios:

1. It makes you rich and

2. It creates the time to enjoy the wealth.

This is where Premium Success Pace Ltd functions principally. A study of it shows why this system is uniquely different from the ones that have hitherto being in existence or will ever exist.





Kas Megatop Company(kmc) introduces a new way of making money with a little effort!

KMC is on its way to becoming largest Nigerian empowerment and Investment network system and we want you to help and Earn money while doing it!

We are looking for door to door canvassers to promote and get new members weekly.

Introduce  a new agent/Premium member and collect N1000.00/N5000.00 instantly.

Introduce 3 new Agents/Premium members within a week and collect N3,600.00 /N25,000.00 instantly.

Introduce 6 new Agents within a week and collect N10,000.00/ N60,000.00 instantly.

Introduce 20 new Agents within a month and collect  N46,000/N250,000.00 instantly.

All areas within the Nation are suitable. If you are interested please call  07083180716; 08034662007; 08070950715

or Email:

For registration click  REGISTER


Agent registration Kit is N10,000.00

Method of payment

* Bank

* Mobile money

Generous Commission Structure

You may also earn up to 20% commission on the net revenue generated by agents whom you introduce to our platform.

We also offer specialized pay-out structures to agents who offer marketing advice in connection with, and in relation to our services. Contact our customer care for details

Your Capacity building is our first priority.

Fill the form in the registration page if you are interested