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KMC investment has helped countless people in their personal lives and business, ranging from low income earners to high income earners. We have been tested and trusted!

nging from low income earners to high income earners. We have been tested and trusted!

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We’ve got three categories of investment packages for you. Check through them and select anyone that appeals to you.

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Fixed Deposit

This package says you should invest an amount of money not less than 500,000 naira. Then you wait for a period of six months to get your Return On Investment (R.O.I). The return is calculated on 7.5% monthly compounded for the contract period.

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Standard Package

For Standard Package, you invest minimum of N50,000. You are free to invest as much as up to N1,000,000. The Return On Investment (R.O.I) is paid at rate of 17.5% monthly for 10 times with administrative charge of 5%.

For Example: If you invest

N100,000 will earn you N16,625 monthly for 10 times(Capital Inclusive).

Premium Package

Premium package gives you opportunity to participate in our Passive Income Club where you earn additional income if you introduce at least two other premium members into our system.

The minimum investment is N50,000 with the Insurance fees of 10%. You can invest up to N5,000,000.

The return on investment is 20% monthly for the period of 10 months, you can renew your investment after the expiration of the contract.

For example, If you invest N100,000, we deduct 10% as insurance fee on your investment.

Insurance fee: N10,000

Investment Capital will be N90,000

ROI: N18,000 monthly for 12 months.