…Home of Unlimited Opportunities.

Welcome to our world of Unlimited  Opportunities.
Whatever your interests are in business, Online or Offline investment!

Are you interested in starting a profitable business?. Do you have problems deciding the best way to invest your money?.
Are you researching into ways to make money in a new business sector?
KAS Megatop offers you the best packages you need to make your dreams come true.


KAS Megatop is a multi millions Investment and Service Oriented company registered Under the laws of Federal Government of Nigeria through the Corporate Affairs Commission as KAS Megatop Company (BN:2387479).

The company is set up by a group of experts in both Online and Offline businesses which include but not limited to:

👉Healthcare products distribution,


👉 Forex Trading
👉 Transportation business
👉 Real Estate/Property Business
👉 Online financial services and
👉 Agricultural farming business.

👉 E-commerce

In order to provide a single portal for clients to access professional solutions to their problems in business management, and financial investments. Our company is sustained on the principle of client’s satisfaction that is assured through effective and efficient service delivery as well as a one on one interaction with the client.

Our goal is to put a lasting solution to the challenges our clients face in areas Healthcare, Financial freedom, and good lifestyle by exploring the most viable options in order to put lasting smiles on our clients’ faces.
We invite you to explore our services so that you can avail yourself of the numerous opportunities that we present for you to live a more fruitful and rewarding life.

Irrespective of what your intentions are.

We are always in a position to provide you with effective advisory service, valuable information and assistance with your various Project intentions…

KAS Megatop provides answers to these and more questions in many ways…

Would you like to take Advantage of our free offer? 


KAS Megatop Company surely has something that you need!.

Explore our world of unlimited opportunities and discover the solution you have been waiting for.

We are also engaged in the purchase, sales and rentals of properties in Nigeria. We assist to sell properties as well as to develop properties for rentals or sales.

We shall update you with more details of our offers.

We are however hopeful that you will allow us to be of service to you now or in the future.


Call: +234(0)8034662007;08154500097

E-mail: kasmegatop@gmail.com

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    • Thanks for your interest. See our payment options for registration or connect with our Zonal Coordinator on 08034662007 /08115517838


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