Why You Need to Start Pure Water Business

Starting Water factory business is one of important business I can recommend to everyone

  1. Government has failed to provide the basic drinking water for citizens.
  2. The rapid increase in population. The more the people in towns, the more the need for people to drink water.
    3.Water is life. Our body consist of over 75% of water.There is not going to be a day, people will stop drinking water.
  3. Sachet water has no close or partially close substitute.
  4. The more the producer is, the more the consumers of sachet water.
  5. The popularity of sachet water is growing on alarming rates even in towns and villages across Nigeria.
  6. Sachet water is very cheap and affordable to buy even by the poorest man on earth.
  7. It is a major source of revenue for the government, so the government is even encouraging more producers.
  8. It is widely acceptable and used for events and parties.
  9. Consumption of sachet water is not restricted by any law or religious belief unlike alcohol or some other drinking products.
  10. The set up requires little start-up capital compared to other factories.
  11. There is ready made market for the product. All you need is just produce.
  12. The payback period for the investment into the business is less than 1year. Amazing?
  13. The return on Investment (ROI) is more than 50% and it is subject to increase on expansion of the business.
  14. It requires little or no periodical acquisition of raw materials for production; water is a free gift of nature.

Have you made up your mind to start water industry but need help?

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