How N10,000/$30 turns N45 millions

Are you Ready?

PREMIUM SUCCESS PACE LTD is a registered company with registration number RC1450308  with head office at No 19, Unity Road, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria


All bonafide member of PSP has opportunity to benefit from our life changing services while still making money on daily basis depends on how active you are. Our services are listed below:

Skill Acquisition Program

Scholarship Program

Financial Empowerment

Community Support Project

Health Infrastructure

Educational Support Project

Business Financing

Material Incentives

✅ It serves as additional source of income

 ✅ No interference with your present job

✅ Full control and global spread

✅ Stability and Resistance to economic fluctuations.

✅ Minimal capital investment of N10,000

✅ It’s transferable to family

✅ Requires no special skill

✅ It can be done at your leisure time

Every active member has opportunity to earn from different bonuses listed below:

1💥. Referral Bonus: Get unlimited N2,000/$6 for each direct referral with no limitation.

2💥. Pairing Bonus: Get between N2,000 – N10,000 whenever the system detected new two  under your team.

3💥. Board Completion Bonus:. Get N5,000 – N20,000 whenever you complete particular stage.

4💥. Matching Bonus: Get N5,000 – N20,000 whenever the person you personally referred completed a particular stage.

5💥. Material incentives:

N70,000 for Phone

N100,000 for Laptop

N150,000 for Plasma TV

N3million for first Car.

N5million for SUV Car
6💥. Project Support Fund

Scholarship fund: N1.36million

Community Support Project: N2million

Business Fund: N2millions.

How N10,000/$30 gets turned into N45Million


As you activate your account by successfully paying N10,000/$30 to the system then you are assigned a rank named “Member”.

Now you are eligible to benefits from our life changing Services. Also, as you introduce 2 new people to the system, as they activate their account as you did by paying N10,000 to the system.

The system will automatically credit N6,000. The referral bonus of N2,000 from each person (N2,000 x 2 = N4,000) and the first stage 1 level 1 pairing bonus of N2,000. You need 14 members to complete stage 1 and the minimum earnings here is N20,000 if you referred only two people.

This is 2×4 Matrix,this means you need 30 people from stage 1 to complete this stage.

√  You earn pairing bonus of N37,500 (N2,500×15)

√  Board Completion Bonus of N5,000

√  Get 1 Free registration.

√  Brand new Phone or N70,000 cash equivalent.

The minimum earnings here is N122,500

This is also 2×4 Matrix. New lifestyle begins here.


√  Pairing Bonus of N75,000 (N5,000×15)

√  Matching Bonus of N5,000

√  Brand New Laptop or N100,000 (at Stage 3level2)

√  Scholarship Fund(Phase 1) N360,000 (At Stage 3 level 3)

√  Brand New Car or N3million cash equivalent.

√  Educational Support Project of N1million

√  Get 4 free Registrations

√  Board Completion Bonus of N10,000.

√  Free Health Insurance Scheme

The minimum earnings here is N4.6million if you don’t refer people into the system.

• You earn N10,000 on every two downlines

• 30 of your team members join you at this stage

√ Total Pay-Out: N10,000 x 15 = N150,000

√ Get system matrix bonus N20 000

√ Incentive: Plasma TV worth N150 000

√ Get 5 Free Registrations

√ Get Scholarship Fund N1million

√ Facility Project N2million

√ Brand New SUV Car N5million🚘🚘

√ Health Support Project N1million🏨

√ Board Completion Bonus N20,000

√ Educational Support Project N1million📚📚

√  3-weeks overseas leadership training with N1.5million💰.✈🛩


And many other benefits

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