PSP is a year Old


Welcome to Premium Success Pace Ltd (PSP). PSP is an active and well established first class company with an all consuming passion of making your dream of success a reality. PSP was launched in Nigeria on the 22nd November, 2017 and today mark the first year of touching people’s lives. Our burning desire is for you to have an all round breakthrough by achieving financial freedom, constant access to proper healthcare and quality education for yourself, friends, relatives and community. Thanks God PSP is having positive impact on our lives.

It might interest you to know that the rate of educational exclusion is becoming more alarming than ever. The worsening access health care is also giving leaders all around the world concern. Hearing these statistics is bewildering and alarming and it makes the future look bleak. All these can be attributed to one cause only: the ugly monster called poverty. Many people have tried with all their might to fight this monster out of their individual lives but so far it feels just like using a tea cup to drain the ocean. 

But is the situation totally hopeless and helpless? Of course, not! There’s a solution!!! The PSP system is here to serve as a platform for you and everyone around to leverage on to finally defeat this monster and live life at its fullest, thereby enjoying all the wealth and riches you rightfully deserve. With our unique, generous and powerful Compensation Plan – one of the best in the industry, you stand a better chance of winning in life and bringing all your long forgotten and dead dreams to reality. So, won’t you act now and hop in as this vehicle takes you on a one way journey to success? The time to act is now!!! 


To increase the population of financially free citizens.

To greatly increase the standard of health care and education available and accessible to the people.

To contribute immensely to the development of the educational and health sectors of every country in which we are present.

To empower ordinary citizens to become people of impact and great contributors to their local communities.

To see that people are given the opportunities to actualize their dreams and make something great out of their lives.


These are the benefits you enjoy by being a member of PSP:

You are trained in various skill acquisition programs.

You earn money through various bonuses.

You enjoy the luxury of owning and driving two brand new cars worth N8m (cash convertible).

You have health insurance cover under the health insurance scheme for a period of 10 years.

You get brand new Ipad, TV and phone worth N380,000 (cash convertible).

You fund your project or finance business worth N2millions

You enjoy community recognition by executing a project of your choice in your community fully paid for by PSP worth N3millions

You get scholarship funds worth N1.4millions

You enjoy residual income for life – global profit share.

You attend executive leadership courses in prestigious institutions for further skill acquisition program.


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