SwissGolden Creates Millionaires

Good day ladies and gentlemen….  Partners and guests.

I welcome you to the haven of millionaires…….

I will be explaining our business… A business that has librated a lot of people financially,  a business that have made thousands of Nigerians and people from other countries millionaires 
We are in the IT Age…. 

That is why a guy like Mark Zuckerberg that started his business many years after our Dangote started is now richer than he is. 
Like I love to say…..

If you use your mobile phone wisely,  it  make millions for you.

Please suspend all questions and side talks till the end of the presentation.
Do read through and ask your questions afterwards the presentation. 
Thank  you for your cooperation.

It is an investment in 24 karat gold bars

This is not a Ponzi scheme

Do note that you are not going to have to look for buyers to buy the good bars, you invest in the business….

You also get to earn over 800% of your investment as profit with the capital still intact. 

Amazon right?  ðŸ˜ƒðŸ˜ƒðŸ˜ƒ

The good thing is that you earn for life!!!  Yes for life!!

What that means is that your children can continue to benefit from your investment as long as they can assess your login details. 

Like I said earlier,  we invest in gold…  The gold business requires a lot money to start so we partner with a company that is reputable and strong and have been on the business for over 5 years…

The name of the company is called SwissGolden.

Swissgolden is registered company in Hong Kong (Reg. Number 

 2157404) with offices in many countries all over the world – including Nigeria where her offices are in Ikeja, Lagos and Port Harcourt. 
SWISSGOLDEN  trade in 24Karat investment Gold bars and they sell different sizes which range from 1g to 100grams of Gold using her online shop HERE
Their webshop can be accessed from any mobile device or Laptop through the website stated above.
This is a better medium than opening offices and Shops that will incur avoidable cost. 

This model has been utilized by popular companies like EBay, Amazon, Jumia, Uber and Konga and it has never failed.

SwissGolden is also Registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria, No: RC1388099.

Nigeria Office Hqrts is @ Portharcourt i.e No. 36 STADIUM / RUMUOLA LINK ROAD, PH. 


Africa Headquarters Office in Ikeja, Lagos.

How do you make money from SwissGolden?

You need three things…

1. Your browsing Phone or Laptop

2. Internet data

 3. We will discuss it now…

This is an investment with mouth watering earnings that are not limited to time. 
What it means is that you can earn a lot of money in days. 
You control your financial destiny here.

How much do you invest and how much will be the return?

The first package is START TABLE  

Here you invest ₦38k or ₦100k

 To earn over ₦200k THREE TIMES For life….

The rich get richer because they know where they should put their money.

Nothing beats Investing your money in 24 Karat physical gold that you can hold… A gold bar at hand is worth more than money in the bank.

The second investment package is BASIC TABLE  

Here you invest your ₦138k or ₦370k
 To earn over ₦900k three times  and more which is ₦2.7M for life.

The third package is VIP TABLE 

Here you invest ₦515,000k or ₦1.4M
And earn over ₦3.6M THREE TIMES.

The fourth package is VIP TABLE

Here you invest 1.8M or ₦5M
 To earn over ₦13M THREE TIMES.

To earn in this business,  you are required to do get two people after investing and also work with them to get their two clients too who will invest in the same level you invested in.

Getting your two investors is very easy actually.
Speak to anyone or post about our business online, if anyone shows interest then add them to our WhatsApp Chat Group and we will take it from there.

 For more information and proof of earners,  check our team webpage.

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