*The vision is to create 10,000 Millionnaires (in USD) in the next 5 years, 1000 of which to be from your region INCLUDING YOU!*

Passive income. Registered company with offices in Randburg, SA. Company originates from the USA. Has presence in more than 10 countries. Growing strong. Payments daily in USD. We already have people in our team who are earning miminum $200-$2,000 DAILY who joined less than 12 months ago. Will show you proof of earnings in my back office. It’s crazy earnings!


You have more than 2 streams of income!
* Mining stream

* Cycling bonuses

* Matching bonuses

* Level up bonuses

* Infinity bonuses

* Residual Income

* CoinPay shares

* Clubcoins

Is the mining stream. Of course you get paid DAILY. In which genuine investment will you get this high ROI ? This is not ponzi scheme. We are talking about real business! 
The higher the investment the more the Bitcoins you will receive as payment. You don’t need to recruit! You don’t need to do anything more! Invest and check your earnings DAILY!!!

Here there are many streams as stated above and because they are too many we will only cover the cycling bonus for now.
This is the binary stream also called a referral stream and has lots of bonuses. You refer someone to the opportunity only if you want to get more than Mining earnings. This stream is therefore optional!
Credits are calculated based on the size of your team as well as the pool sizes they invested in. More people under you means more credits. For anyone under your tree or in your team, if someone joins under them you also get those credits even if you didn’t directly refer them E.g. John joined under you. Sarah joined under John. Tim joined under Sarah. You will get all the points from John, Sarah, Tim as well as infinite levels below. Other additional streams are discussed in details in the PowerPoint presentation.
There are different packages or pools which you can invest in. Pool 1 is $500. Pool 2 is $1000. Pool 3 is $2000. Founders pool (or pool 1+2+3) is $3500. Before you invest in any pool you first have to pay once off membership of $99. 
When members join your team they can invest in any pool and any quantity of pools they want to invest in. That gives you credits you can cash out. Pool 1 = 3 credits; pool 2 = 6 credits; pool 3 = 12 credits. Founder pool = 21 credits. When your credits add to 30 you get paid automatically $200.
You could potentially earn MINIMUM $200 per day depending on credit points you have accumulated. We already have members in our team who are earning more than $200 per day!

*Additions benefits:*
* Free shares for Coinpay are given to you as a welcome gesture

* Company reinvests earnings and your shares keep growing

* Mining DAILY and getting paid DAILY in your back office which you can access anytime from anywhere

* Company is verified on Blockchain and has been paying members DAILY for over 2 years

* Company is growing globally and very fast

* There is transparency, honesty and fairness; your earnings are shown on your Back office DAILY

* You get paid more than what the company keeps

* You invest in physical equipment and not on member to member donations which are not sustainable

* You can grow your business anywhere in the world at the comfort of your home

* Free training and support for members

* Ongoing innovation to benefit members.


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