Percy Bitclub Testimony

Hi everyone, my name is Percy. I’m a member of Bitclub Network. My rank is now a Master Builder

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One day changed my financial life completely! On 29th April 2016 I joined Bitclub Network. It’s now 16 months and I’ve never looked back…
I’m a qualified Metallurgist wirh a 4 year univeristy degree. I also have lots of management qualifications including MBA from the top 5 Business school. So I’m not stupid I’ve checked this Bitclub thing from all angles
I wasn’t desparate because before I quite my R1.5 million per annum executive job I was already well off but I knew there was something much better than waking up every morning making someone rich… I knew there is a way to make money work for me because I’m an investor
I knew that time can make money for you instead of you spending time to make money!

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Then I discovered Bitclub Network. I’m sitting writing this to you and every hour I make just over R1300 ($100 per hour) on average without doing nothing. 
That’s R1300 ($100) EVERY hour for 24 hours a day including weekends!

What do you think… is it a good investment? Talk to me or my business partner who sent you this to Sign Up. What changed my life was to sign up!


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